We’re Back!


We’re Back!

We are happy to have returned home safely from San Diego for the RDI annual conference. We had a wonderful time conversing with other consultants from all around the world, participating/presenting at small group sessions, and listening to the large group presentations by Dr. Gutstein and another by Dr. Fogel. We of course also enjoyed the lovely 75 degree weather with no humidity. We laughed about how we could do our hair in the morning and it would still look OK by the afternoon – not so much the case with Michigan’s humidity! We were hit by a big disappointment as we got off the plane in 90 degree temperatures with 100% humidity. We had another good laugh over the fact that there were even meteorologists in San Diego – the weather was exactly the same every day! They must get a little bored with their jobs!!

My favorite part of the entire conference was having the opportunity to co-present with my fabulous co-workers at the parent portion of the conference. We met wonderful parents from all over the world and enjoyed watching several parents have little or not so little ‘ah ha’ moments. For those of you who were there in those sessions, we truly enjoyed the interaction and participation during those sessions. It was a real pleasure spending time with you!

One of the activities we did with the parent portion was to come up with several different things you could do with the same activity. Parents were extremely creative in coming up with different ideas. My personal favorites were: playing games or writing things in the dust on the bookshelf, making hand prints in playdoh and guessing which hand print belonged to who, and making impressions in playdoh and then filling them with water and freezing them to make ice cubes (a nice transformation activity). Thanks for all the wonderful new ideas!

Looking forward to next year!

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