Ask the Horizons Team: Vitamins and Supplements for Kids


Ask the Horizons Team: Vitamins and Supplements for Kids


I have a question about vitamins and supplements that I hope you can help with.  My kids have tons of food sensitivities and full-blown allergies, and I’m trying to find some supplements that they can take that do not have lots of additives or ingredients that trigger problems for them.  So far most of what I can find out there on the store shelves have one or more ingredients that cause problems for them.  Do you have a recommendation of a brand or store that carries supplements for people with lots of allergies?

Kerry in Chicago, Il


Hi Kerry,

Thanks for emailing; it was great to meet you as well!  It can be a challenge to find supplements that do not have lots of additives in them, and I’m glad this is something you are being careful about.  Luckily for you and other families with this issue, there are some excellent options.  One great option is Kirkman Labs (  They have a very rigorous purity testing process to ensure that their products are free of allergens, toxins, and any other substance that can cause problems.  I have recommended their products to many families, as they are free of wheat, dairy, yeast, soy, sugar, and many other things that can cause problems for people.  Depending on the specific supplements you need, you can check out Master Supplements ( or Houston Enzymes ( as their products are also allergen free. I hope that gets you started with finding some supplement options that will work for your kids!

Take Care,

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