Unplugged Time Together


Unplugged Time Together

In a culture where our lives have become inundated with electronics, it is important for parents to teach children the value of spending “unplugged” time together.  Whether your children are toddler or teens, here are some simple electronics-free ideas you can implement to encourage the development of relationships, communication, and thinking skills:

  1. Play a game – Good old-fashioned board and card games provide excellent opportunities for building relationships, social skills, and problem solving abilities.  Dust off the checkers, deck of cards, or whatever other games you have at home, and have a blast playing together!
  2. Go for a walk – Taking a family walk together is a great way to reconnect with each other, and get some physical exercise at the same time.  It’s a low-key way to explore nature, engage in stimulating conversation, or simply enjoy some quiet time with each other.
  3. Sit down to eat together – Family mealtimes are often the first thing to go in a busy family’s schedule.  Research has shown that sitting down together to enjoy a meal supports child development and family health.  Turn off the television, leave the video games in the other room, and come together to eat, talk, and enjoy each other’s company.
  4. Reading ritual – Create a daily reading routine for your family.  Choose a book to read silently in the same room, read a book out loud for everyone to enjoy, read and discuss a quote for the day, or any other reading-related activity.  Sharing this activity together on a consistent basis will enhance your child’s development and sense of family connectedness.

There are so many things families can do together without electronics.  Be intentional about making “unplugged” time together part of your regular family routine.  You, your children, and your family will be better for it!

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