Unconditional Love


Unconditional Love

Sometimes it is amazing how much we at the office think along the same lines. I knew already on Saturday night what I would blog about this week. As Michelle said in her post this week I got my priorities in order. I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours on Saturday night with my cousin and two of her three sons. The oldest was gone to the races with his grandparents which really gave me a chance to spend time with the two younger ones. This is significant because the oldest and I have a strong bond and when I am with the whole family I tend to spend most of my time with him talking and playing so I don’t get as much time with the other two.
I haven’t seen them for a while so of course they had grown and changed. The middle one recently turned for and the youngest recently turned 3. Well something amazing has happened to the youngest in the past few months. He has really started talking to the point where you can understand most of what he says and he really wants to communicate with you. He has also calmed down a ton and has left the tantrums behind for the most part. When I arrived he was so excited to see me and he spent the majority of the next two hours on my lap chatting away. He was so cuddly and loving.
As I have been thinking about this over the past few days and after reading Nicole’s blog it really all makes sense to me why his behavior was the way it was for about 6 months and why most children go through a terrible twos stage. If we stop to think there are so many things happening during that 3rd year of life. Not that there aren’t a ton of things happening before that, but this is the time when the language piece of communication really starts to kick in, kids motor skills take another leap, some children start potty training and on and on the list goes. It is no wonder kids have a tough time behaviorally during this time. They have so many new things to figure out.
It is so great to see that they do come out the other side and behavior improves until the next big growth spurt comes along. Until then I’ll just enjoy the unconditional love and calmness.
Talk to you soon,

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