Over the weekend, I spent some time watching some of the children’s programs on TV. I was appalled by some of the story lines and communication that was displayed during the 30 minute shows. We all get wrapped up in a particular TV show every season, but the content seems to be getting less and less appropriate. It is purely entertainment and there seems to be no thinking involved on our parts. I turned the TV off and thought to myself about the amount of time children I know watch TV and it became very disturbing to me. If they are watching shows for 1-3 hours a day, what is their mind doing during this time? Are they processing any new type of information? Are they really learning skills that can apply to their lives? The scary thing is, the answer to these questions seems to be no. A child’s job is to learn and play during their years of development. Having these experiences is what makes the neurological connections in their brain connect and become stronger. I would like to encourage everyone to shut off the TV and involve their children in play and activities around the house. TV shouldn’t be used as a babysitter and is not a substitute for play and learning at home. If your child is going to watch TV, please limit the amount of time they are watching and WHAT they are watching. There is a lot of crud on TV now, but you can still find age appropriate and educational programs.

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