Top 10 Spring Break Activities That The Whole Family Can Enjoy Year Round

Top 10 Spring Break Activities That The Whole Family Can Enjoy Year Round

Top 10 Spring Break Activities That The Whole Family Can Enjoy Year Round

Spring break is coming up for many schools here in Michigan as well as across the country.  Are you already worrying at night about what you will do to keep your children busy and content over the summer?  If so, then you need not worry any longer.  Below you will find the top 10 spring break activities that many families have shared with me over the years.  They are low or no cost, and will help keep you and your children engaged and enjoying each other’s company over the longer summer break from school.

  • Treasure Hunt—Go on a treasure hunt with your children. Hide a special snack or prize for your children to find, and then given them clues where to find it.  You can also go treasure hunting by geocaching.  Simply download the geocaching app, and then you and your family can use it to find treasures in your own neighborhood.
  • Picnic—Pack a picnic meal with your children, and set off to find a picnic spot that everyone can enjoy. School playgrounds and parks are great options.  If the weather is not cooperating, then make flowers out of construction paper and put them up in your living room.  Turn on some nature sounds and have a picnic right in your home.
  • Home Town Tourist—Many of us have lived in cities that we never really explored. Take time over spring break to learn about the heritage of your town by going a park, monument, library, or museum that you have never visited.  It can be a lot of fun for you and your children to learn more about the town where you reside.
  • Volunteer—Most communities offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Work together with your children to give back to your community by helping out at the local library, or volunteering your time at the local soup kitchen.  Volunteering is a great way to model for your children how to support your community in a positive way.
  • Cultural Exploration—Choose a country that you and your family would like to visit some day. Go to the library or use a computer to learn about the culture, places to see, and food you may experience while you are there.  Find a recipe with your children of a food item that you may try while on vacation, and make it at home.
  • Camping—Whether it be in your backyard, at a campground or in your living room, taking your children on a camping trip can be so much fun! You can all camp out in sleeping bags, sing songs, tell stories, and even make a smore or two.
  • Family Theme Song—Have you ever thought about creating a family theme song? This can be a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy.  You can write your own lyrics and even make your own instruments to accompany the song.
  • Build A Fort—This is by far one of my children’s favorite activities. Collect all of the couch cushions, kitchen table chairs, blankets, and other materials you may have around the house to help build a fort.  Design the fort together as a family, and then build it.  Once your fort is complete, climb in and pretend with your children that you are camping in the wilderness or working in a colonial fort in the 1800’s.  Let your imagination take over, and have fun!
  • Formal Night—Planning a formal dinner night can be fun for the whole family. You and your children can decide what meal you are going to have.  You can decorate your house accordingly, and then dress up in your Sunday best.  You don’t always have to go out to eat in order to have a fancy evening.
  • Scrapbook—Creating a scrapbook can be a great way for you and your children to reminisce about previous experiences, and create a keepsake for years to come. Print out old pictures, and then paste them onto paper.  Let your children add their own drawings or comments to the pictures, too.

I hope that these spring break activities are helpful and ease some of the stress associated with keeping your children content over school breaks.  Be sure to have some fun together, and enjoy one another’s company!

Written by: Courtney Kowalczyk MS LLP

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