Time Saving Tips + Variation Ideas

Time Saving Tips + Variation Ideas

Time Saving Tips + Variation Ideas

Hi Everybody,
I have been a delinquent blogger over the past few weeks, so I’m jumping in on a Thursday (hopefully no one is too dysregulated by this variation)!

I recently read a magazine article with fabulous time-saving tips for getting chores done – and they provide some excellent opportunities for variations as well:

1) Use coffee filters (new ones!) to clean your glasses, television screens, and computer screens. They pick up the dirt and dust without leaving residue or lint behind.

2) Get caked-on gunk off of pans/dishes by placing a fresh dryer sheet in the bottom, filling it with warm water, and letting it sit overnight. The yuck will come right off the pan in the morning!

3) Use a dry-erase board eraser to get condensation off the inside of your car windows without leaving streaks.

4) Rub shampoo or dish soap into stains on clothing overnight – then rinse them out in the morning.

Not only will these tips come in really handy around the house, but they also provide awesome opportunities for spotlighting different objectives in your RDI(r) Program (ex: uses for common items, making variations in cleaning routines, comparing and contrasting techniques for cleaning, etc.). Leave a comment if you try them – or if you have other tips like this to share!

Until next week,

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