Time Away


Time Away

This weekend I had the most wonderful opportunity. I ran away from home with my dear friends from high school. There were 8 of us walking the streets of New York City and what a refreshing 48 hours it was. I came home remembering that I am an individual, that my arms and legs are used for more than serving my family. Most of all I realized how precious each person in my family is and was refreshed and ready to come home to my beautiful children and wonderful husband.

Having opportunities like this is essential for everybody just to become refreshed and ready to face our lives again. Flying away to a big city for a weekend isn’t an option to everybody (nor would everybody find that relaxing), but finding time for yourselves is something we all need, whatever it is that we choose to fill that time with – just be sure to fill it with something that will revive you.

I was reading the October issue of Working Mother’s magazine the other day and the title of this article caught my eye. “3 Guilt Free Hours – Leadership coach Jamie Woolf explains why sometimes the best thing you can do to be a better mom is take a break from everything – at least temporarily – and indulge yourself.” Oh, sounds great! She claims that everybody can find that time and the quiz that she includes in the article will give you the answers of how you can do it. So take a moment to answer these questions for yourself – I shortened the questions, so if you want to read the entire article (which I encourage you to do) click here:

1. List three reasons you feel you can’t slow down. Now imagine that you have to slow down. What would happen?
2. Write down a guilty mom moment that makes you cringe. Now think about if there were unexpected benefits for your child. Try to find something redemptive that came from that moment.

3. What makes you feel guilty on a regular basis?
4.List three activities you most dislike with your children. Choose one activity you could stop doing today. Choose another activity you could get help with.

5.List three things you realistically could do to make your life easier at home. What stops you from doing each of these things? Now take a hard look at your excuses. Is there something you could cut from your budget ot afford help once a month? Choose one of your lamest excuses and find a solution.

6. Imagine that all of your responsibilities are on hold for three hours. What would you do with that free time all to yourself? How would it make you a better mom, partner and employee?

7. Name someone you’d call in a crisis or someone who could help you get back on track if you drift off course.
8. Guess what? You just figured out where you can get three guilt-free hours see your answers to questions 4 and 5). You’ve also figured out why you so desperately need this time (see your answer to number 6). Now commit to it. You officially have permission to take three hours off, so get out your calendar and block out the time. To keep you committed, have the person from question 7 hold you to it. Now go. Be guilt-free.

What are you going to do to ensure you can remain a person outside of your children? Maybe you’d enjoy being a part of a book club or find refreshment in hitting the malls. Whatever revives you, make sure to find the time to make it work.

To a refreshed life and moments of freedom!! ~Michelle

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