The Teleseminar!


The Teleseminar!

On Tuesday evening Nicole and I had the great pleasure of hosting our first teleseminar for our families. What fun we had. We both agreed that this is a great new avenue to allow our parents to share their perspective and knowledge with each other.

We had three mother’s take time to share with our other parents about their experience with CORE Approach. They each spent time talking about how they got started with the program, what the positives are and what the struggles have been. Following this time our other parents were able to ask questions.

I think this was such a nice way for our parents from all over the continent to connect with each other in ways that they are not able to do. I am really excited to continue our series of teleseminars. I think this is going to be a great new experience for us as consultants and for our parents as well.

Thank you to the three mom’s that took the time to be a part of our panel and thank you to the other parents that joined us to listen and learn.

Talk to you soon,

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