The Importance of Framing and Remediation


The Importance of Framing and Remediation

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, framing is the process of planning/setting-up an activity to work on a remediation goal. Many of us use portions of this technique day in and day out to plan our days and our interactions with others. Whether you are a veteran RDI parent or are new to the process, framing is a very important component to think about before working with your child with a disability. Here are a few key ideas to think about when planning a remediation activity:

-What do you want to do together?
-What is your goal or objective?
-How will your activity look? What is it about?
-What will each partner be doing?
-How close of a proximity to each other do you need in order to be successful?
-What distractions will be around? How can you eliminate them?
-How much support will your child need?

Whether you are beginning to work on remediation strategies or have moved on to a new objective, thinking about the framing process is essential for the success of your interactions!

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