The BEST job!


The BEST job!

As I sit here in my “temporary” office working on paperwork I can hear the older CAMPS kids outside the window working on their adventure course. I am even getting up from time to time to look out the window at the project. I can’t believe what these three boys have been able to accomplish so far under the guidance of Bill, Courtney and Becky. Today Nicole is outside working with them.

Last Friday I came to work after not being here on Thursday and went out on the playground with one of my clients only to discover a climbing wall had been erected the day before. On Tuesday the boys built balance beams and today they are putting in a chain bridge. This has been such a wonderful project for them.

Of course they leave here dirty and completely exhausted, but think of all the life lessons and episodic memories they are building each day along with learning to work together and how to use new tools.

This has got to be the best job in the whole world. Where else can you move from room to room and see so many different and amazing things happening all under the same roof. In one room I might observe children doing an art project, in another they might be doing some sensory or motor work with Sarah, in another there might be feeding clients working on increasing their variety of foods and yet still Nicole, Michelle, Courtney or I might be phone conferencing or meeting with parents. I could look outside and see the boys hard at work on their adventure course or some of the other CAMPS kids watering the flowers. It is just the best and it brings a smile to my face everyday.

How blessed am I?

Talk to you next week,

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