Taking a Break


Taking a Break

Taking a break is so critical for all of us. Many of the schools in this area will be starting their spring breaks tomorrow. Many others around the country have just had break or will have a break coming shortly. I have often thought about how spring break came to be, but after the many years working in the schools I know how important this break is. After the long winter months without a break both the adults and children need some time to rest and regroup.

We all need breaks to rest and be refreshed. Even if you don’t work in a school I’m sure you feel the need for short breaks throughout your year. Although I will only be taking a few days off next week I am looking forward to a break. My mind needs a rest and a chance to refresh.

As difficult as it may be for those of you with children on the spectrum to find a time for a break I think it is so very important even if the break is a 30 minute trip to the mall or a walk around the block. This is critical for you.

Please take some time over the next week to take a break. Refresh, regroup and look at your situation anew.

Talk to you soon,

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