Take Our Survey!


Take Our Survey!

There has been a lot of talk around our office lately about school-related issues and options for children and families. We have a number of families for whom school is a major stressor and, in some cases, is creating very tangible obstacles to remediation efforts. As a professional who began my career in special education, I feel torn about school-related issues. On the one hand I understand the very real constraints public schools face in developing individualized programming for children. On the other hand I understand the very real needs of children and their families to have programs that go beyond compensation and getting through the curriculum.

Those of you who know us as a staff know that we like to think creatively and dream big! “Out of the box” thinking is pretty common around here, and we are beginning to do that in relation to school / instructional options for children and young adults who need a different type of setting and instruction in order to be successful. To assist us in this process, we would like to gather as much information and ideas from families as possible. We have created a short survey on our website that asks questions related to schooling and instructional options. The survey should not take more than 5 minutes to complete, and will provide us with some data as we move forward with planning new and innovative programs. We want to provide educational programming that will assist families and schools in meeting the needs of learners who are not flourishing in traditional general or special education settings. Establishing our own program will also give us a way to provide hands-on training to school professionals who want to begin implementing principles of remediation and a dynamic intelligence focus in their own settings.

If you are the parent of a special needs child please use the link below to access our survey and provide us with information that will move our planning process forward. We will certainly keep you updated through the blog with our progress, and look forward to unveiling some great educational options in the near future!

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