Take Care of YOU Tuesday – Get Yourself Some Flowers


Take Care of YOU Tuesday – Get Yourself Some Flowers

Anyone else out there feel like no one ever brings you flowers anymore? I used to get flowers more often…and now not so much (hint-hint to my husband if he is reading this :). Actually, in the summer I get lots of little mangled bouquets of flowers (okay, maybe more like weeds) from my kids. And I stick them all in little cups of water until they wilt and have to be thrown out. So I shouldn’t say that I never get flowers anymore!

Anyway, flowers are such a great pick-me-up – they brighten our home / office and our attitude. I say if other people don’t bring you flowers – go get some for yourself! Buy a colorful bunch of flowers from the grocery store and stick them in a vase you have (if you’re like me you may have to do some digging around in the dark corners of your cupboards or closets…but they are there!). Set them in a spot where you will see them frequently – and enjoy the smile and pleasant episodic memories they bring to you.

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