As many of you know Nicole, Michelle and I are all supervisors for the Connections Center. I find this to be a wonderful complement as well as a great responsibility. I have a part in contributing to the CORE Approach consultant community. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to assist in determining if consultants in training are prepared to become certified. Sometimes it can seem to be a daunting task as we are upholding the integrity of CORE Approach itself.

Having said all of that over the past few months I have had the great pleasure of supervising a trainee that I have seen wonderful growth in. It has been really fun for me to see how she has grown as a consultant and the difference she has made in the life of the family she is working with. When she first started she was nervous and not completely sure of herself, but she has really worked very hard, taken my suggestions and followed through with each assignment I have given. She has asked wonderful insightful questions that show me she is really thinking about what she is doing with her family. She has gained confidence and competence over the past few months and I truly look forward to watching each new tape she sends me.
When she completes her supervision process in a few months I will truly be proud to call her a colleague. I know that I have learned a lot during this process and hope that I will be an effective guide for many trainees in the future.

Talk to you soon,

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