Summer Slow-Down


Summer Slow-Down

As the school year winds down I find myself looking forward to the slower pace that summer brings for my family. Two of the kids are already done with preschool and our oldest finishes his school year on Friday. While we are involved in various activities throughout the summer, the constant, hectic, “have to do” pace of the school year goes away for a couple of months. We feel more free to do things we want to do, with fewer obligations and a schedule that isn’t as rigid as it is the rest of the year.

While some parents complain about the summer because their children are out of school, I hope you are thinking about all the wonderful ways you can use the summer for remediation. Plan some new experiences and / or make more time for familiar ones. It doesn’t mean you need to spend every moment doing something with your children (especially not feeling the need to entertain them every waking moment!). But I do hope you are thinking about ways to capitalize on the slower pace of the summer to have some great experiences with your kids. Many of my families feel they make the most progress with remediation over the summer because they have more time and less school-related stress. I hope you will join them in planning a slower paced summer with lots of memory-making opportunities with your kids!

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