Success Stories


Success Stories

I received this funny and exciting story from a family today and had to share. It brought me laughter and tears as I read it. I of course took out names, so it might read a little over confidential like, but you’ll get the idea.

“The trip to California (last week) was just for pleasure. I had meetings in LA on Monday/Tuesday but we spent the rest of the week hiking and playing on the beach. However, we were home in time for Christmas and my mother-in-law and my parents all commented on how much more relaxed our son appears and how well he handles himself.
He also had a few situations while traveling that would have completely been overwhelming for him a year ago and he handled these very well (including a woman who was very rude to him on the airplane because he was accidently kicking her seat — but he handled himself beautifully). Lucky for that woman that our son is in RDI or that may have been her last flight!”

We always appreciate hearing the little and/or big successes that take place. Below every post is a place to leave comments. Please take time to click on the comments and share your successes with us. These are the moments that keep us excited about our jobs and what we do! This is also what keeps other families motivated. For those of you in a rut, hang in there. Development is like a rollercoaster. Sometimes progress is happening so fast that it passes like a blur, but other times it feels like you are climbing so slowly that you wonder if what you are doing is worth it. Drudge through the slow times with much anticipation of what the good times are going to bring.

Have a wonderful start to the new year!


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