Stress Reduction


Stress Reduction

As I was preparing for bed last night I was thinking about the past week and thinking ahead to what is coming up. I can’t believe that over a week has already passed since I arrived home from San Diego so much has happened since then. As I sat preparing for the last quick trip of the summer (an overnight to Chicago) I was reflecting back to where I was 1 year ago.
For the past 12 summers I have spent at least a few weeks of time organizing my schedule, trying to make preliminary groups of speech students and outlining an overall plan for the year for each of my speech students. As the school year approached I would feel my stress level begin to rise just thinking of all of the things that would need to be accomplished over the course of the year.
This summer is different. I am only working part time in the school this year and during that time I will be the autism teacher consultant for the district. This meant I did not need to spend the weeks preparing for a speech caseload. While I will miss working with these students I have one less thing to focus on this year. I am so excited about working at Horizons part time. My stress is so much less heading into this school year.
So as the new school year quickly approaches take a moment to evaluate whether there may be something that you can reduce or eliminate from your child’s or families schedule to reduce the stress in all of your lives. Believe me it makes for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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