Strengthening Relationships


Strengthening Relationships

I have had the pleasure of spending the past 3 days with one of my out of town families. It has been such fun working with them and seeing all of the progress that has been made over the past six months. I really enjoy taking a moment to pause to do an RDA as it gives everyone involved a chance to stop and reflect.

With this particular family I saw some really amazing things during this assessment period. I really felt like the guided participation relationship is strongly cemented at this point. Parents commented that their son is now wants to be with them more and more and will even tell them that he misses them. He stayed engaged with them throughout the entire first portion of the assessment and was easily guided. What I watched was a true collaboration between parent and child. This doesn’t mean that we still don’t have work to do and that he isn’t still in need of scaffolding and guidance from his parents, but he is also ready to begin taking on more responsibility for the co-regulation.

I saw a true strength in the bond that these parents and their son now have and I think the future is just a bit brighter for them at this point. For any of you who are interested in strengthening your bond and haven’t looked into CORE Approach yet I encourage you to do so. You can check out our website for more information at Let us help you find this relationship with your child.

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