Today I received an e-mail from my sister-in-law that I needed to call some 800 number to register my cell phone to get on some do not call list. This was news to me, and it isn’t often that you are notified via e-mail about this type of information. Sure enough I get on http://www.snopes.com and saw that this was in fact a spoof. It’s a great website to use by the way when you are unsure about the validity of an e-mail.

Isn’t it amazing how many spoofs are out there? Just in our e-mails alone, I get dozens of e-mails a day telling me I won some big inheritance, or that my e-bay account has some fraud taking place. “Please respond immediately”. Do you know how often I hear from Bank of America – I’m not even sure why and I receive job offers daily! I’m not even looking for a job!

Spoofs, they are everywhere. How often in autism alone do you see quick fix solutions. 2 weeks of dolphin therapy and your child will, well be swimming with dolphins, but I’m sorry, still very much have autism. I could go on and on about compensation strategies that can make your child look better or get her through the day, but in the end will still very much have autism. Remediating the core deficits over several years (remember it’s a marathon) is the only way that your child will receive life changing progress that can end in an improved quality of life.

What programs are you looking at now that might offer that quick fix or promises great results? Make sure to not to just jump at these promises in hopes of a cure. Don’t get caught up in the spoofs of autism treatment. What are your hopes and dreams for your child? What is it really going to take to make that happen?

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