Something to think about…


Something to think about…

I will be posting on Fridays to hopefully enlighten you over the weekend. My posts will mainly be quotes, poems, sayings, or activity ideas I come across over the week that I feel will be appropriate for many of you out there.My name is us and I’m the office manager at Horizons. I make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible day to day and also help out with the kids from time to time. I have to say – the work that Nicole, Michelle and Erin do with the families that we see is amazing. They are so dedicated and enthusiastic about their work.I came across this poem from a newsletter we received from a local organization who also works with children with disabilities and I thought it would be nice to pass along to all of you.

Beatitudes for Friends & Family of Exceptional Children
Blessed are you who take time to listen to difficult speech,

For you help us to know that if we persevere,
We can be understood.
Blessed are you who walk with us in public places,
And ignore the stares of strangers,
For in your companionship,
We find havens of peace.
Blessed are you who never bid us to “hurry up”,
And more blessed are you
Who do not snatch tasks from our hands
to do them for us,
For often we need time rather than help.
Blessed are you who stand beside us
As we enter new and untried ventures,
For our failures will be outweighed
By the times we surprise ourselves and you.
Blessed are you who ask for our help,
For our greatest need is to be needed.
Blessed are you when you assure us,
That the one thing that makes us individuals
Is not in our peculiar muscles,
Nor in our wounded nervous systems,
Nor in our difficulties in learning,
Nor any exterior difference.
But is in our inner, personal, individual self
Which no infirmity can diminish or erase.
Author Unknown

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