Showing Off


Showing Off

This Thursday evening we will be hosting an open house for the community to see our newly expanded facility, meet our staff and families, and see what all the excitement is about at Horizons. We have been busy preparing for the events that will take place that day, including getting the new space decorated. When our staff discussed how to fill the empty wall space we decided to have our families help us. Instead of going out and buying some art to hang on the walls, we gave each of our families a blank canvas and asked them to create something. They had free reign to create whatever they wanted – a collage, painting, drawing, photo board, etc. Each day we wait for more to come into the office to see what people have done with their canvases. They are all so different – and all so wonderful! Each one represents the family that created it, and the connection they have to our larger clinic family. It will bring us great joy to be surrounded by these unique creations. I am really excited to show them off at the open house for everyone to see how amazing our families are!

For those of you in town we hope to see you on Thursday! For those of you far away we will be putting images of the family creations on our website at some point for you to enjoy.

Until next week,

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