Sharing your Love


Sharing your Love

“Love is the simplest thing in the world. Yet we often make it the most complicated.” – Anne When we get too busy, we forget that love is a gift and that we are not in charge no matter what we do. Love is an energy flow. It can’t be held. It can’t be controlled.

How true are these words? I have found myself all choked up time and time again this past week with over things stories I have heard or seen on tv, from words that people have said to each other and to me, from gifts of thanks and from observing the amazing improvements that are taking place with the children and families I work with. The common theme running through all of these times is that they all revolve around the gift of love.

It is truly the simplest and greatest gift there is. You cannot help who you love. It is the only gift that is free and continues to replenish itself so go on and give it away.

To all of you who have touched my life with love this year, thank you!

I wish you the happiest of holidays!

Talk to you soon,

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