Self Awareness


Self Awareness

I was going to post on appraisal today, but my thoughts were really on self awareness. This is one of the easier core deficits to understand and really the one that is the most evident in others when they are lacking this necessary trait. Self awareness is the ability to not only understand how you fit into a setting/relationship, but also the ability to understand how your actions may affect another person. As I was at the doctor’s office with my daughters yesterday a little girl around the age of four decided she wanted a sucker. When her mom said no, this little girl’s world fell apart. The girl started kicking and screaming and causing a huge scene. The poor mother…she couldn’t leave. I really felt for her. I’ve been there. Anyway, thinking of self awareness, this little girl was lacking the ability not only to see how her actions were affecting how others saw her, but also how it was making other’s feel. The waiting room was filled with squirming parents (most who were probably feeling bad for the mom). Her actions were making everyone in that room uncomfortable, but she couldn’t see that. She wanted that sucker.

On another self awareness note, who watched American Idol last night? The first several episodes of American Idol spotlight a few of the good singers, but really we see much more of the “singers” who can’t sing. Now, I know, some of these people are there to put on a show just to make it on television. I thought myself how funny it would be to walk into that room and try to sing. Oh, it’d be funny. Now aside from those who intentially do it for the lack of something better to do, there are those who really think they are good and are shocked to learn they are far from even average. Take William Hung for example. I believe he thought he was good. Now he even lacks the self awareness to realize he is the laughing stock of millions. Poor guy. Well I don’t feel too bad, his lack of self awareness has profited him a lot of money.

Anyway, self awareness. Any good stories about how this is improving in your child? We love to hear the stories.

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