As I was sitting down at my desk this morning I remembered today was Thursday and it is my turn to blog (my days are little mixed up starting back to school on a Wednesday). I hadn’t really been thinking about what I should blog on this week until I went to write down my reflections for yesterday. I received the day by day calendar for “women who do too much” for Christmas this year. Not only do I like the quotes and sayings in it, but another thing I like is it is designed for journaling on the back of each sheet. I’ve tried to journal in the past and always start off well and then about midway through the year I lose interest or get busy and don’t do it. I’ve decided that I am going to make a commitment to reflecting this year and I really don’t have an excuse as I am going to tear a page off the calendar each day anyway and it only takes a minute or two to write down my thoughts from the day before.

I think that journaling can be such a great way of preserving history for our children or family members in the future. It can also help to cement those episodic memories for us. What you write may not seem like a big deal at the time, but in years to come you may look back and find that what happened on a particular day really was a “big deal” in the bigger picture. So as this new year begins I encourage each of you to begin reflecting whether it be writing in a journal, on a calendar, blogging, or recording your thoughts on tape the memories you collect will be worth something in the future.

See you next week,


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