First I just want to say that I am very happy that my friends have arrived safely in Paris. We miss them already :)

As the school year is rapidly coming to a close this is the time I begin to reflect on what has been accomplished over the past nine months with all of the students that I see. It is hard to see progress as it is happening especially when it comes in baby steps, but when you look back at the whole picture it can sometimes be amazing and a bit overwhelming.

Last Monday and then again this Monday that feeling of amazement, happiness and pride came over me when I was working with my small group of kindergarten students. They each have their own challenges that they bring to the table, but they have also all made such progress this year. When I think back to September and how this group used to go I can’t believe what is happening now. Back in the fall it used to be me directing the whole process asking questions or making comments waiting to see if I would get a response. For some I could hardly understand what they said and for others I received a one word response or nothing at all. Talking to each other was out of the question and offering spontaneous comments for all, but one was unheard of. The one who did offer information was overly verbal and very random with comments.

Oh how things have changed. The overly verbal one still talks a lot, but her comments are not so random and not just directed to me anymore. The whole group has made progress. It isn’t just me directing the interaction anymore. I don’t have to deliberately keep them on track, reminding them who’s turn it is in the game or even teach them how to play a game. They are talking to each other and truly enjoying their time together, laughing and just being kids talking about kid things. One of the children is reading very well and this has really boosted his confidence. He has become a little helper reading things for the other children in the group. Another one is very strong in number skills and can help in counting.

It has just been such a great year with this group. They make me smile every Monday. I know next year will bring just as much progress.

Reflection is so important especially when you are feeling down or unsure. It can really lift your spirits.

Talk to you soon,

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