I have often found that setting priorities in life can be very difficult. I know where my priorities lie and in which order they should be listed, but it seems that it’s much too easy to get those priorities mixed up, reversed and suddenly I wonder why my relationships are suffering. One of the early appointments we hold with new families is to look over their schedules, to assess where the majority of their time and energy lie and if they are finding time for the important things and people in their lives.

Do you ever see a whole week go by and never connect with your spouse or kids? I do, I fill my time with work, household duties and other things. By the time the weekend comes around we as a family are feeling distant, sometimes grumpy toward each other and just plain on a different page. My husband and I described last weekend to each other like we were oil and water. Can’t we all just get along?!?

This weekend my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary and taking the time to reconnect, remember the vows we made to each other and to make each other our priority again. How are your priorities? Are you noticing where your time needs to be and investing in that area? Are things like church, friends, work etc taking too much time away from your spouse and kids? Take time to write down the things that fill your time, then think about what order those priorities should be? Are they landing in the right order? What needs to change to put those things in the right order? I challenge you this week to not only put your priorities in order on paper, but to take action to make it happen.

Until next week,

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