As we stated last week, Nicole and I went to Paris to work with a couple of families. Our time out there turned out to be quite different than planned with some unexpected events, but we got done what we went there to do. The families we worked with were wonderful. What a pleasure to work with them and to spend so much time with their beautiful children!

One thing that Nicole and I observed about Versailles (the town that we stayed in) was that everything was much smaller than in the United States. For instance, the coffee cups were small, the streets were small, the cars were very small – don’t even try to drive a Ford Expedition out there, you wouldn’t make it down a street and if you did, you wouldn’t be able to park. The elevator was so small it had a max load of 4 people, the T.V. in our room was only a 19 inch, and they had the smallest spoons I’ve ever seen.

The language barrier was also an issue, although the locals were very helpful in trying to understand us. We found one cafe’ in particular where they went out of their way to help us out, so we ate there often. The architecture was beautiful and it was fun to walk through the town. We were however very excited to be home with our families and surrounded by english speaking people. Being home with our families has never felt so good. I know I’ve been talking about priorities lately, being so far away from family really helps to reset this priority and appreciate them so much more! My mission – my family!

Have a great week and enjoy your family. Make sure to value what you have!

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