Wow – how things have changed!

It’s been a very busy week around here – with construction! As you can see from the pictures we now have insulation and most of the drywall. The drywall should be finished up today and next week the finishers will come in to ready the walls for paint! We may even have some new siding …


Finding Happiness

Last week I talked about making decisions and how hard it can be for me to make a decision for change, but that once it is done how great it can be. Well this week has been full of productive uncertainty and a major decision. I decided this past week to make a change in …


Summer Slow-Down

As the school year winds down I find myself looking forward to the slower pace that summer brings for my family. Two of the kids are already done with preschool and our oldest finishes his school year on Friday. While we are involved in various activities throughout the summer, the constant, hectic, “have to do” …


Lights, Power, Action!

Ok – the changes weren’t as visually obvious this week – we had all of the electrical stuff done. This means a lot of electrical outlets, can lights in the ceiling, and a lot of wire! Next week we should be getting insulation and the starts of drywall, so things will hopefully look different in …



Ok – another week has gone by. We now have windows, a shingled roof, all the plumbing, duct work, and the electrical is getting started this weekend. I’m assuming that next week they’ll be able to get started on drywall. We all just love going out there and walking around – once the drywall goes …