Learned Helplessness

One of the concepts we talk about frequently with families is “guided participation”, also referred to as the “master-apprentice” relationship that should exist between parents and their children. We want all children to be apprentices to their parents, to actively participate in life activities under the guidance of their parents. As parents we should always …


Better late than never

I usually post on Fridays first thing in the morning. Well, today (actually this whole week) has been a blur. I was sick early in the week so the end of the week was catching up on everything. We are also in the middle of a lot of big projects right now and I wanted …


Survey Update

Ok – there is no way after yesterday’s post that I can top it with a quote to inspire you. So, I thought I’d give you all an update on how our survey is going. Since word got out about our survey around noon on Wednesday we’ve had a tremendous reply. I have the privilege …



Recently my sister showed me an inspirational video that I felt not only described the staff, but also the parents we work with at Horizons. The video was entitled 212°. 212° is the point at which water boils. The point being that at 211° water is merely hot, but by going that one extra degree …


Awesome Work

I think I have the most incredible job. It is such a privilege working with such an array of families. Each family comes with their own challenges and each come with their own strengths. I have learned from each family and thoroughly enjoy each of the unique qualities they provide. The children are such a …


Take Our Survey!

There has been a lot of talk around our office lately about school-related issues and options for children and families. We have a number of families for whom school is a major stressor and, in some cases, is creating very tangible obstacles to remediation efforts. As a professional who began my career in special education, …


Prioritizing Your Future

Again, I have to thank everyone else for their previous posts this week for my inspiration into finding a quote to give you all to think about. There was talk about prioritizing treatment for your child and future plans. Thinking about these 2 topics together led me to this quote: The future is always beginning …