Smiling Faces

Okay – so this week will be a little more difficult since everyone seemed to talk about something different. There was talk of active participation, self-awareness, and smiling. Smiling was an easy topic to find an appropriate quote about so I’ll just stick with that one (thanks to Erin!).   It’s always nice when kids …



One of my duties here at school each day is to wait with the kindergarten through 2nd grade children who are picked up by their parents each day. Every day I see children’s faces light up with huge delighted smiles as their parents come to pick them up. The kids are genuinely happy to see …


Active Participation Required

This week I would like to share some things I have been thinking about in relation to active participation in the apprentice role. I have recognized in some clients recently that they have a tendency to allow themselves to be guided through activities without resistance, but they aren’t really actively participating by taking their own …


RushRushRush – I don’t think so!

  After looking back at all the posts this past week – there seemed to be a theme throughout. So, I thought I’d try my best to find a quote that summed it all up…   There’s absolutely no reason to be rushed along with the rush. Slow down – Remember the important things – …


Core Deficits

Last night we had parent group and our discussion was on the core deficits of autism. It’s always good even as a consultant to revisit these core deficits and to constantly be thinking about how the activities and the way they are framed benefit those with ASD. Over the next several weeks I’m going to …


A legacy for our children

The RDI community recently lost a dear consultant colleague and friend whose sudden passing seems unreal. When things like this happen in life it causes many of us to examine our values and priorities. The “what if” questions creep to the forefront of our minds and we think about what we would cherish and place …