Our Dynamic World…


Our Dynamic World…

During my ride home from work this evening, I found myself in an interesting situation that I have never been in before. I was driving down a very busy road in our neighborhood approaching an intersection when I noticed headlights moving slowly towards me. Someone was driving down the wrong side of the road and apparently was unaware of the trouble he or she was creating for oncoming traffic. Having never been in a situation like this, I was amazed by the situation and the dynamics of our world. I quickly realized that I needed to decide what I was going to do. I quickly turned onto a side street as the car passed me, still on the wrong side of the road. I sat there for a minute thinking about what had happened, the choices I made, and the dynamics of the situation. It is amazing just how dynamic our world can be! This is just one more reason why dynamic thinking is so crucial!

Drive Safely!


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