Oh the things we do at Horizons


Oh the things we do at Horizons

You just never know what you’ll find going on at Horizons. It’s an adventure every day, which is why it’s such a great place to be and work at! Some of you may remember that over the summer a group of our Summer CAMPS kids planted a garden out back. Well, it’s been producing quite a crop. A few weeks ago, two of our instructional kids went out and picked some things from our garden and made fresh salsa. It was delicious!

Here is a picture of them working in the kitchen on the salsa.

Another thing that some of our instructional students are working on is fixing up an old checker cab and turning it into the “Horizons-Mobile”. We’re very excited to see the transformation that this car will take on. This week they cleaned up the inside and changed a flat tire.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about the cool things that some of our kids are doing. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on their latest adventures.

Until next week – us

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