Obstacles to Progress


Obstacles to Progress

You may think that I’m going to talk tonight about conditions that your child may have that hinder progress. My focus tonight instead is on how some of the biggest obstacles to your child’s progress is not the child’s obstacles, but instead the parent’s. This may be a hard post to read and it can be very difficult to face the obstacles that you have that may be hindering progress, but they are very real and need to be dealt with. Let’s think about that a bit. If you are burned out, tired, spinning in crisis, dealing with depression or having marital issues, how likely are you going to be able to put a lot of energy into your child’s remediation? Not much!

One important thing to realize is that it does not make you a weak person to admit these things and do something about them. Counseling (whether individual or marriage) is not a bad thing. It can be very renewing and can make some wonderful changes in your life! Getting yourself medicated for depression/anxiety/ADHD etc. could be the best thing that you ever did for yourself or your family. Suddenly you could have that energy you’ve always needed or the focus that is necessary for being productive. The bottom line is don’t be afraid to care for yourself. It’s important that you are healthy, that your marriage is healthy and that in turn will give you what you need to be a much better coach to your child. So if you don’t make some changes to do something about your obstacles for yourself, do it for your family. If you need a referal or additional support for making some of these decisions, please call! We see nothing more important than having happy healthy parents! You are the biggest tool for your child’s success!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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