More Success Stories


More Success Stories

It is amazing some of the stories I hear from the families who are diligently working on remediating their child’s autism. The other day I had a family tell me that their son went to see his doctor just to see how medications and such were going for him. At this appointment their doctor told them that their son has made more progress in the past year than he normally sees in a neuro-typical child in a year. This child still has a ways to go to reach the neuro-typical pathway, but what encouraging news to have their doctor notice the wonderful improvements he is making.

I had another dad tell me a story of their son joining a cannon ball contest from the high dive. Their son had never been off a high dive before, but that day he decided to take the plunge. When the contest was over he did not win, but was able to blow it off by saying, “It’s ok, the boy who won was bigger than me and it was my first time off the high dive.” Wow, what wonderful progress to be able to compare and contrast the difference between him and the other boy and also to be ok with being just good enough at the activity.

On the same day this same boy joined a group of boys to make a raft to race across the pool. He worked and colaborated with the other boys to make the raft and then raced it across the pool. His team did not win, they got second. He was fine with not winning and enjoyed just being a part of the event. The really great part about this is that he noticed that the 3rd place team boys were upset thinking that they tied them. He then told them, “you know, I thought we tied too”. The ruling was changed on the race and he then was not only 2nd, but tied for second. How awesome that he was aware of the other boys disappointment and did something to make it better for them.

These are the stories that just make this remediation process so exciting. This is from a boy that was not ok with just being good enough or not being the best. He was competetive, he wanted to win. He wouldn’t participate if he wasn’t going to be the best or be good at it. Now he’s seeing the focus as the togetherness, as the team work. Awesome!

Have a wonderful week! Michelle

P.S. Yesterday Nicole asked for some advice on what to cover at the teacher workshops. If you have any thoughts on what you’d like coverd at these workshops, please see her post below.

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