More on Vision


More on Vision

Piggy backing on Michelle’s blog from yesterday I have been doing quite a bit of researching on vision lately for some of my current clients. I have a few clients that definitely have vision difficulties that affect their ability to accurately process their world. We at the office have spent time off and on in the past looking for explanations for what is truly going on or how to improve these difficulties.

Not until I started doing some research for a particular client did I come across the term agnosia. There are several types of agnosia that have different affects on the vision. As I was reading about these different types I found an explanation for at least two other client’s vision difficulties. Alas there isn’t a lot out there that talks about treatment for these difficulties, but at least now I have a better understanding and have hope that I can (with the help of the other consultants) devise a plan for making improvements. One thing I will be for sure recommending is some of the HANDLE activities. I’m sure I will discover other ways to improve this difficulty as we go along.

So like Michelle said yesterday checking your child’s vision early and regularly is so important. The thing you as parents should know is that just a routine eye examine probably isn’t going to pick up on the agnosias so if you have a feeling that something is really going on with your child’s vision I encourage you to see a developmental ophthalmologist. I would also encourage you to research on your own. You know your child best.

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