Family, there is nothing so important in the world. Family comes in many different “shapes and sizes.” Many people have multiple families. There are nuclear families usually made up of blood relation, families of friends, workplace families, church families and on and on the list could go. Family is my number one priority in my life. My nuclear family of course comes first followed by all the other types of families.

I write about families this week in honor of my mother as Sunday is Mother’s Day. Most of you who read this blog don’t know much about me, but almost 15 years ago I lost my father after his battle with cancer. This left my mother as a single parent to a 20 year old college student and a 14 year old. I cannot even imagine what this must have been like for her, but she kept on supporting both my sister and I through it all. She was the rock in my life and we have developed such a great relationship. I respect her so much and consider her not only my mother, but my friend. I feel so lucky to have such a great women in my life.

I can only hope that all of you are as lucky as I am to have such a great mom. So on this Mother’s Day honor your mother. If you are a mother yourself take time to honor yourself. Tell your mother what she really means to you and cherish every minute you get to spend with your mother or being a mother.

Here’s to all the mothers out there! Enjoy your day!

Talk to you soon,

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