Living Life


Living Life

Tagging along with Nicole’s blog from this week about reaping what you sow I read something recently about living life. The information I read posed the question – “when my life is over will I feel that I have lived it or just gotten through it?”

A family friend’s brother passed away last week and I attended a “celebration of life” for him on Saturday which started me thinking about life in general. I tend to spend time reflecting back on the passing of my father when I attend visitations, funerals or hear about someone I know losing a loved one. After leaving this particular celebration of life I thought about how nice this was to have all of your friends and family gather just to talk about all of the memories they have of you. What better way to show that you lived your life and didn’t just get through it.

At this time of year when I am really in need of a break I tend to find myself just getting through life rather than really “living” it. Why is this when this is the time of year when I should truly being living life and taking in all of the experiences associated with the holidays which starts to happen around December 22nd. I should be doing this all year long. I think for the most part I do “live my life”, but I do know that there are times when I “just get through it.” One of my resolutions for this coming year is to be conscious of those times when I am just getting through and make an effort to change.

There is so much life to miss when we are just getting through. Life is short and what you make of it. So reap what you sow and live your life to the fullest don’t just get through it.

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