Larry King Live


Larry King Live

I have to say that I was utterly depressed and very sad watching this show last night. It even caused me to talk to my t.v. (yes I know they can’t hear me). All of these parents and celebrities on there showing this grim picture of what autism is and what we should do to “treat” it. Of course all of what they discussed was compensation strategies that will not help those children reach a quality of life. It made me so sad because these parents want so badly to hope that things will be okay, but obviously do not see a bright future for themselves or their children. Nicole and I (as well as many other RDI ® consultants) know we can do something to help these families and I think that is what makes this so hard to watch.

Well we took action and I posted a comment on Toni Braxton’s website and we both e-mailed Larry King. If any of you feel so moved I would encourage you to do the same. Let’s get the word out that there is something we can do to remediate autism and provide a quality of life for people on the autism spectrum and their families.

Here’s to remediation!

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