I had the great pleasure of sitting in on one of my students conferences yesterday. The spring conferences at our local middle school are student led meaning that each student talks about themselves in terms of what they have learned during the year and things they like about each of their classes.

What was so unique about this particular conference was that this student did all of it on his own. He doesn’t have regular conferences like the other students because his mom attends team meetings so her conference is held during this time. Because of this no one thought to talk to this student about putting together his power point for his conference. Well he heard some other students talking about their power point one day last week and he came home after school that day, grabbed his sister’s laptop and went to his room. When he emerged from his room he had created his entire power point for his student led conference.

He attended the team meeting with his mom yesterday and presented his power point to his teacher and me. It was great and he even included animation and sound effects. Now his grammar wasn’t perfect, but each slide had a heading and three bullet points which were clear enough to understand his though process. I loved it!

If this isn’t a perfect example of initiative I don’t know what is. I can’t tell you how incredibly proud I am of this student and what RDI has done for him. Incredibly awesome!

Talk to you soon,

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