Horizons’ Awesome Website


Horizons’ Awesome Website

If you haven’t checked it out lately – you really should. For those of you who visit our blog from beyond our Horizons family you really need to check out all the awesome things that are available to you on our awesome website. We offer this great free report right on our homepage, then there are a bunch of other reports on a whole list of other great topics on the Helpful Resources page, our Horizons Store that features awesome products like our new Explorations in Eating calendar and companion Food Journal, and then all kinds of information on the great programs that we have to offer. There’s so much more but this will get you started. It’s great! Well, I hope you take a tour of our website to see all the many things we have to offer you.

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Covid-19 "Coronavirus" Notice

Horizons DRC continues to provide therapy and consultations. Telehealth options are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or for resources to help handle this situation.