Hard Work and Time


Hard Work and Time

“Nothing will work unless you do.”
“All great achievements require time.”

Both of these quotes are by poet and writer Maya Angelou. I find many of her quotes very inspiring, but when I read these two quotes I immediately thought of CORE Approach.

When I looked at the first quote I thought about how CORE Approach takes work. This is not just some program where you as the parent bring your child somewhere drop them off and come back an hour later after the therapist has “done” something with him/her. In CORE Approach if you really want to see results and build true relationships that lead to a quality of life for your child you need to put the work in. The other thing that amazes me is that you can really tell when families are putting work into their program because the child starts to master objectives as a steady pace. I love to see this happen. Remediation works when the family puts work into it.

The second quote actually made me think of one of my favorite Dr. Gutstein quotes “CORE Approach is a marathon not a sprint.” To achieve something truly great it takes a lot of time and hard work. To have a true quality of life it requires that we work at it every day. Do not be daunted by the time it takes every minute you spend is worth it.

Put on your running shoes and prepare to work hard to as you run the marathon of remediation. Your achievements will be great in the end!

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