Happy feeding!


Happy feeding!

So Sarah, Nicole and I are at a feeding conference today, tomorrow and Saturday. What a great experience so far. We are all really excited by how much it coincides with the philosophy of RDI. The technique is grounded in typical development which completely aligns with RDI.

This program also requires participation by parents and needs families to carry out the program throughout each day which also goes along with the RDI lifestyle. We are very excited to get back to the center and start implementing some of these techniques with the children we see each day.

Sarah and I are really looking forward to utilizing this program this summer in our feeding group we are running. We are all excited to learn more about how to use the program. What a great learning experience this has been and it completely makes sense from a developmental perspective. I am so glad to have the opportunity to find new ways to help families with the difficult aspects of feeding that face so many of our children on and off the autism spectrum.

Here’s to expanded food realms.

Talk to you soon,

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