Halloween Safety


Halloween Safety

Happy Halloween! Today is a day of fun, overwhelming activities and way to much candy! All of this can result in tough days to follow as children are overstimulated, sick from too much candy and tired from decreased sleep. It’s important to remember to:

  • limit the amount of candy your child eats each day
  • eat a good meal before going out
  • get home early so they can get to bed on time
  • have some calming activities planned for when you get home so they are able to sleep when bed time arrives, such as reading books, taking a quick bath, or playing some calming music while getting ready for bed.

In addition to helping your child stay regulated through the craziness of the day, it’s also important to make sure your child is safe. Click here for more information on things you can do to ensure your child stays safe while trick or treating.

Have a fun evening!

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