Halloween Is Approaching…


Halloween Is Approaching…

This afternoon, I received an email from a concerned mother regarding Halloween. She was wondering what my thoughts were on her son’s participation in his school’s party and trick or treating. As many of you can well imagine, Halloween is a very unpredictable day for all children. The level of uncertainty is very high. I am sure many of you are wondering if your child will be able to cope with the events of Halloween and I would like to offer some suggestions. First, if your child struggles with uncertainty, please keep this in mind when planning your holiday festivities. Second, don’t let them participate in activities that will over stimulate them too much. It will be important to guide your child through the festivities and to help them regulate and re-regulate themselves as needed. Third, if you find your child becoming anxious, please use strategies that you have learned to reduce their anxiety. Remember, if they are anxious and you then become anxious, it will only make matters worse. Lastly, if you find yourself and your child enjoying Halloween activities together, end the activities on a good note. Do not plan a strenuous schedule that you have to get through. Try a couple of activities, if they go well, then call it a night.

I hope you find these Halloween tips helpful. Please be safe! Happy Fall!


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