I wanted to piggy back on Nicole’s blog for this week about the first day/first week of school. For those of you who follow our blog on a regular basis you know that I went down to part time in the school’s this year, but made a commitment to spend most of the first week at school to ensure that everyone got off to a good start. So far so good. All of the students that I work with seem to be adjust back to school very well and teachers and para-pros are adjusting as well.
We are all working our flexible thinking skills as school gets going. I am working out of the sensory room at the elementary school where most of our children on the spectrum attend. Unfortunately our sensory room is dysfunctional at the moment. It is full of old furniture that either needed to be claimed or it will be tossed. The promise was it would be moved yesterday, but as of this morning it is still here. We are all being flexible and trying to work out our sensory needs within the classroom or on the playground for right now, but it is rapidly becoming more difficult to be flexible. It will all work out. I am also having to be flexible as we get started again in not having a computer that can access the network at this point. My goal is to have this fixed next week.
Flexibility is the order of the week as school gets going again. It is not only the time for flexibility on the part of staff and students, but also for parents as you once again get back into the school routine. Give it a little time and remember modeling flexibility for your child can be a positive thing.
Talk to you soon,

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