Explorations in Eating


Explorations in Eating

As Nicole mentioned in her blog on Tuesday we have many new and exciting products planned for this year the first of which is the food calendar I created. I have spent the past few months working on the calendar and companion food journal. The idea for this project came to life one Sunday evening as Nicole and I were flying back from a meeting in Houston. We tend to do our best brainstorming on trips like these. At that point I was trying to think of a way to extend what I am doing with the feeding program that I am implementing with some of the children we see at Horizons. How could I meet the needs of the multitude of families out there with children who struggle with feeding difficulties in an easy to understand and implement format. I also wanted something that tied in with some of the principles of CORE Approach. Thinking about our current calendar brought it all together and ta-da the food calendar was born.

Explorations in Eating – 365 Memory Making Opportunities for Expanding Your Food Horizons provides the consumer with 364 different food items to explore. The calendar is designed to assist children with feeding difficulties in trying new foods. Each food is presented as a pair. The second food in a pair is a variation of the first. For example one day is pineapple and the next day is dried pineapple. The calendar contains pictures, quotes, food facts and kids trivia in addition to the multitude of foods.

The companion food journal is designed to help children write/draw about their food discoveries. Each day asks children to log about the food they explored, whether they liked it or not and when they plan to try it again. There is also space to draw a picture or add a photo of the food.

I am really excited about the launch of this product and can’t wait to share it with all of you. I’ll be sure to let you know when production is complete and the calendar is ready for purchase. In the meantime challenge yourself to try a new food you might be surprised by what you like. For me it’s onward to the next project!
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