Encoding Holiday Memories


Encoding Holiday Memories

The answers so far to the holiday poll have intrigued me. As I put the options together I figured that things like Santa and opening gifts would be a popular answer. Isn’t this what ends up being spotlighted as “important” while we are kids? I often hear people say “I’m going to let my kids believe in Santa and have a good time with filling stockings. Isn’t that what makes Christmas fun?” According to the answers in the poll, I’m noticing that the gifts and Santa are not what people are seeing as important and triggering the best memories. Instead, I’ve noticed that things that produce good quality family time is topping the list – making food together, the food we ate together, the things we picked out together, getting snowed in together. Interesting… What are you going to do this holiday season to instill good family memories? If you haven’t voted yet, be sure to do so!

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