Employment-Related Supports for Parents


Employment-Related Supports for Parents

I was recently asked to contribute a disability-related article for a business publication and I chose to write about the employment-related issues facing parents of children with special needs. There are many studies that have been done in this area, but a recent five year study done at MassGeneral Children’s Hospital provides some important statistics and recommendations for both employers and employees.

It is no surprise to parents of children with disabilities that all aspects of their lives are impacted by their child’s needs, including work. Many employers, however, do not recognize the unique needs these parents bring to their employment situation or how to provide supports that assist families while improving workplace productivity. One of the more practical outcomes of the MassGeneral study was the publication of two booklets – one for employers and one for employees.

These booklets summarize research findings and provide best practice recommendations for the workplace. Some of the supports in the employer booklet include providing flexible schedules, assisting with finding appropriate childcare resources, and instructing employees in best use of Flexible Spending Plans and other benefits that aid families financially. The booklet geared toward employees (parents) outlines ways to maximize benefits, approach employers for support, and access community resources. Anyone wishing to download a copy of these practical resources can do so at: http://massgeneral.org/children/professionals/ccahp/empl_benefit_study/ccahp_empl_benefits_families.aspx

Feel free to pass the link along to any family or employer who may benefit. Let’s encourage supportive employment practices for our families affected by disabilities!

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