Do Something Daily


Do Something Daily

With the start of 2007 upon us, it seems a good time to refocus our efforts and make sure we are making the most of the moments we have with our children each day. A concept I have been developing with some families over the past few months involves doing at least one specific thing each day that works toward your objectives with your child. We have started to call this “Do Something Daily”. It is a good reminder to get motivated to work toward your goals each day – even if you only have a few minutes. Many times we hear parents say that they aren’t creative or couldn’t think of something to do with their child. There are ALWAYS things to do – it’s just a matter of thinking about them in the context of doing them with your child. Over the next month those of you working with one of our consultants will be learning more about this “Do Something Daily” idea and will be provided with tools for doing something, however large or small, each day. To get you started, here’s an idea for today: have a picnic meal or snack – spread a blanket out on the floor, us some paper plates if you’d like, and sit down together to eat like you’re having a picnic. Let’s get some good momentum going early in this new year to make the most of each day as we work on remediation!

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