Development is Amazing!


Development is Amazing!

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about development the last few weeks and all of the things that happen at each stage of development. In thinking about how the objectives in the RDI system fit in with neuro-typical development and at what approximate age a child is when they hit each new stage of objectives/development. Over the past few weeks I have had at least 3 examples of things happening with kids that highlights what “age” they are on the developmental path which amazingly enough fits right in with the stage in the objective system they are at.

One parent recently wrote me about how her child has recently started to experience some seperation anxiety when she drops him off at school in the morning – telling her that he feels sad and cries some when she leaves because he wants to be with her. He has also recently started to drop what he is doing to run and tell her goodbye if she leaves to do something in the evening or on the weekend. These behaviors completely fit in with the stage of development he is in within the objective system.

It never ceases to amaze me how working through each stage of objectives and really filling in the gaps for our kids on the spectrum results in behaviors that are seen in “neuro-typical” development.

Here is to all of those families who are working so diligently to help their child get back on the developmental path and achieve a quality of life.

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